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HI GIO Cloud Gen. 2

Reach a new milestone when comprehensively upgrading the cloud computing infrastructure to enhance business productivity and flexibility with turn-key cloud technology

which is integrated

Japanese Technical Foundation and FPT Data Centers

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About Us

IIJ Global Solutions Vietnam is a subsidiary of IIJ Group, which has been leading as a pioneer in the field of enterprise networks, infrastructure, and cloud solutions around the globe since its establishment in 1992. ​
Established in 2016, with the mission of enhancing business productivity and flexibility to go one step further, we provide turn-key cloud & security solutions, and IT consulting & system integration service in Vietnam.

FPT Telecom is one of Vietnam’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted Cloud and IT services providers, offering a full spectrum of services nationwide.​
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About Us
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Our Services


Security Capabilities​

based on a PAYG model ​

Performance ​


Stability &
Disaster recovery infrastructure​

Advanced Customization

High Availability ​

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HI GIO Public Cloud

We provide HI GIO Public Compute for all enterprises that need flexible and affordable cloud platform by the free-hand designable services, which are selected from on-demand instances, virtual storage, and network add-ins. We cover them all up with a single service offer from small to large scale.

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HI GIO Private Cloud

We provide HI GIO Dedicated Compute for large enterprises that need fully dedicated cloud platform for compliance and governance by offering business reserved hosts which ensure their resources do not share with other customers.

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HI GIO BaaS (Backup as a Service)

We provide HI GIO BaaS for all enterprises that need protect their data in the cloud environments, on-premises virtualization environment, and physical servers by the comprehensive backup solution. This solution can back-up multiple platforms such as Centos, RedHat, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.

HI GIO DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

We provide HI GIO DRaaS for all enterprises that need to initiate secure data replication to another region such as on-premises to HI GIO Cloud, HI GIO Cloud Ho Chi Minh to HI GIO Cloud Hanoi, or vice versa by setting up HI GIO DRaaS on their resource servers. Furthermore, the RPO with a minimum value is 5 mins which is suitable for their critical system.

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HI GIO Network & Security

We provide HI GIO Network & Security that all enterprises’ network and security who need to address their particular protection and compliance requirements by fine-grained protections at host, network, and application levels such as Distributed Firewall, Edge Firewall, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Third Party Firewall (Checkpoint, Fortigate), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

HI GIO Kubernetes

We provide HI GIO Kubernetes for all enterprises that need a managed Kubernetes service that makes it easy to run Kubernetes on HI GIO by automatically managing the availability and scalability of the Kubernetes control plane to the nodes, which is responsible for scheduling containers, managing application availability, storing cluster data, and other key tasks.

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HI GIO DBaaS (coming soon)

We provide HI GIO DBaaS for all enterprises that need a software service to set up, operate, and scale databases without having to understand or manage the underlying structure by ensuring database functionality, maintenance, updates, and infrastructure.

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HI GIO Object Storage (coming soon)

We provide HI GIO Object Storage for all enterprises that need a technology that stores and manages data in an unstructured format called objects. Modern organizations create and analyze large volumes of unstructured data such as photos, videos, web pages, sensor data, and audio files. This solution will be suitable with Data Lake, Cloud-native application data, Data Archiving, Backup and Recovery.

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Companies are achieving remarkable results with HI GIO CLOUD. Read their innovative stories.

"Việt Á Bank provides a full range of financial products and services to our customers. Our vision is to become the best commercial bank in Vietnam. We understand that technology will become the most competitive advantage in the nearest future and it will help us to crucially transform the quality of service and customers experience. That is why we always pay attention to the latest technology trends and invest in information technology. Migration all our data to the Private Cloud of HI GIO CLOUD is an important step for us. We invest in technology and platform to keep up with the Digital Banking trend. The ability to provide top-quality services, high-speed information processing and strong security are extremely important factors for a bank. And HI GIO CLOUD provides us with all these features as its outstanding service advantages. We believe that HI GIO CLOUD is the best choice for our needs and it meets all requirements of our Việt Á Bank.”

                                                                                      Mr. Nghiem Sy Thang

Deputy CIO - Information Technology Department, Việt Á Bank


" Family Mart is one of the most popular convenience stores in Vietnam. Our mission is to bring satisfaction and happiness to our customers. We chose HI GIO CLOUD as our IT system infrastructure to provide various services to our precious customers in order to significantly transform customers’ experience. The availability, stability, and high quality of the cloud platform were the key factors for us in choosing HI GIO CLOUD. We believe that HI GIO CLOUD is the only reliable platform to meet our business needs."

                                                                                  Mr. Takehiko Kigure

                                                      General Director, Family Mart Vietnam

Our Services
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